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Challenger, in brake test, ran right to the end of the grid before coming to a stop, with smoke pouring off the front brakes due to overheating—which caused fade.

Cougar almost equaled Ford Torino's all-time record for short stopping distance, making a straight and sure stop from 60 mph in just an inch under 127 feet.

Firebird stopped in average distance for disk-braked cars in its weight class. Some fade was evident, and pedal pressure went very high. But recovery was very quick.
Noise Level Test Results tableso you don't have to take your eyes off the road). The glove box is small, but has a practical shape. The brake release is mounted at instrument level for improved ease of operation. The front passenger has a grab rail, and both doors have map pockets as an integral part of the molding. It's the only car in the group with its radio antenna in the windshield and upper-level ventilation. Quality and finish: fine.             Continued

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