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Tempest's Style and Power Please,
But the Transmission Noise Annoys
The percentage of V8 buyers, 32.2, is way up over the two percent who optioned the $216-extra aluminum V8 engine in 1961 and '62
It looks like the Corvair Monza gold rush all over again. In fact, Corvairs were considered by 26.3 percent of all Tempest buyers
Boldface and marginal comments
by Jim Whipple, PM's Auto Editor

UYERS OF THE 1963 PONTIAC TEMPEST seem to be a bunch of individualists who have discovered a common car that they all like, but for different reasons.
      Some are buying Tempest because of the compact size; in fact, 55.5 percent gave that as a primary reason for choosing the car.
      With others, some 46.3 percent, economy was a first consideration. For these thrifty-minded folk the four-cylinder engine proved a strong lure, with two thirds of all buyers choosing it over the optional ($155) 264-horsepower V8. One thing that the Tempest does not seem to be this year is the first choice of those in search of a bread-and-butter family sedan. Only 20.6 percent of all buyers selected sedans while a whopping 45.1 percent chose the coupe, and the majority of these selected the sporty, bucket-seated LeMans series.
      The remaining 34.3 percent of the owners reporting were split roughly two-thirds to one-third in favor of the convertible over the station wagon, with bucket seat LeMans trim in the lead once again.    NEXT >
APRIL 1963
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