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FOR SALE SOLD: 1961 Ventura. 4-speed, 425A.
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Rich's Pontiac Server aims to provide a uniquely enjoyable experience to all, from the casual car buff to the most serious Pontiac fanatic. It is my goal to have the outstanding not-for-profit "old" Pontiac site on the World Wide Web.

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Hundreds of only the highest-quality photos of '50s, '60s, and '70s Pontiacs of all kinds.
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Don't miss these stunning reproductions of yesteryear's full-page, full-color magazine ads.
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Faithful to their original appearances in Motor Trend, Car And Driver, Popular Mechanics, and other automotive magazines of the day, these road tests, "Owners Reports," and feature articles are truly a blast from the past. Not only GTOs and Trans Ams, but also Catalinas, Grand Ams, Firebirds, Tempests, and more!
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Site visitors have been sending their photos for years. At long last, here they come!
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