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Pontiac-Oakland Club International Pontiac-Oakland Club International
  The best thing about the POCI Web site is the membership application [grin]. The monthly club magazine is a great place to read about and shop for Pontiacs and parts!
Single-Model Sites
Grand Am emblem The Grand Am Registry
  "This site is for owners and enthusiasts of first- ['73-'75] and second-generation ['78-'80] Pontiac Grand Ams."
1968 Pontiac Firebird Page First Generation Firebird (formerly "1968 Pontiac Firebird Page")
  The place for everything related to first-generation Firebirds. 
Premier Firebird (and) Trans Am Gallery  
The Premier Firebird (and) Trans Am Gallery
  Large selection of Firebird, Formula, and Trans Am photos on display.

The Goat's GaR-RRage
(formerly Rick's Big "Little GTO" Website)
  Rick has a library of classic '60s GTO road tests from Hot Rod, some excellent how-to articles, a trivia quiz, and downloadable GTO Windows wallpapers. Don't miss his own fully-restored, Tri-Powered '66 GTO, and his well-optioned '73 Grand Prix!
1969 Pontiac B-Body Homepage
  Photos, brochures, option codes, magazine ads,... if you want to know something about a full-sized '69 -- Canadians, especially -- look no further!
Bill Wrigley's 1969 Parisienne Sport Coupe
  Bill has a fine site dedicated to his Canadian '69 (not to mention a '67 Ford Ranchero, too).
ClassicFirebird.com ClassicFirebird.com
  A new, growing site with number- and code-crunching help, technical articles, chat and message boards for first-gen. Firebird fans.
The A-Body Site 1973-1977, The A-Body Site
  Don't miss this site, especially if you have interest in the '73 to '77 A-bodies: Le Mans, Le Mans Sport Coupe, GTO, Grand Am, and Can Am. Includes magazine articles, readers' rides, and cars for sale.
Classic Firebird Page Classic Firebird Page
  This site has folded or moved. If you know of its whereabouts, please contact me."The Classic Firebird Website was founded in 1996 to bring together owners and want-to-be owners of vintage 1967, 1968, and 1969 Pontiac Firebirds. Our pages are updated as required to bring you the finest listing of information for the Classic Bird Lover." Includes an owners registry.
Ultimate GTO Picture Site  
The Ultimate GTO Picture Site
  Countless links to any and every GTO & Le Mans photo on many, many web sites (quality, therefore, varies from awesome to loathsome).
Pontiac Sites
  New! (28-Jul-2002)OzGM.com
  "This site is home to Australian assembled Pontiacs and Chevrolets which are unique to any others assembled elsewhere in the world. Has information, history and photos and welcomes contributions."
Performance Years Pontiac (commercial, not rated)
  A must-see for Pontiac fans. Message Forums (a.k.a. bulletin boards), NOS Parts for sale, and free Online Auctions.
Pontiac Street Performance
  "Dedicated to keeping the classic Pontiac engine alive." This site is a real pleasure to look at! It features many stories and photos of real-world performance Pontiacs, as well as reference and how-to material about cams, heads, and blocks. Bill Boyle has done a great job with his siteŚcheck it out!
Fred Schramm's Pontiac Power Page logo Pontiac Power
  "Firebirds and GTOs are the main focus of this page (mainly because there is much more info available.) I have been busy keeping this page up-to-date and adding to some of the features to this site, such as option codes, history, Number Crunching and other facts. ... I am currently working on a section for the Big Pontiacs. If you have any facts, codes, pictures, etc. Let me know."
GTO and Pontiac Links  
The GTO and Pontiac Links Page not rated
  If, after looking through these links and the Goatfinder links, you still want more links, check it out: over 200 links as of 8/98.
Poncho Mailing List (subscribe)
  In this era of "spam"-choked newsgroups, the Poncho Mailing List is a better alternative. Discussion centers around Pontiacs, of course. After you subscribe by sending e-mail to listar@thegarage.org with the text "subscribe poncho" (no quotes) either as the Subject or as the first line of text in the message body, you'll receive around 20 to 40 interesting messages per day from the participants. There's hardly a question about any Pontiac your fellow subscribers can't answer.

Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick's &quotGrocery Getter"
Arnie "Farmer" Beswick and his famous "Grocery Getter"
  Two pages: one, the story of drag racing legend Arnie "Farmer" Beswick; the other, photos and an article about the replica of his famous, factory-produced 1963 Tempest race wagon.
Scott's Pontiac Performance Page Scott's Pontiacs.org
(formerly Scott's Pontiac Performance Page)
  Well-organized, with valuable reference data about Pontiac cams, heads, and compression ratios
  Pontiac Road Tests Results, 1961-1974 not rated
  A concise guide to years of memorable reading!
Magazines (commercial, not rated)
High Performance Pontiac magazine High Performance Pontiac magazine online
Pontiac Enthusiast magazine Pontiac Enthusiast magazine online
Services (commercial, not rated)
Pontiac Historic Services Pontiac Historic Services
  "The source of historic information for Pontiac owners, restorers, collectors, enthusiasts and car buffs, who are looking for specific information on their [Pontiacs]."
  GoatFinder GTO Classifieds
  Monthly classifieds by mail (not e-mail, mail). Averages 500 ads per month! (BIG list of Pontiac links, too.) 
Classical Pontiac  
Classical Pontiac
  "An online magazine dedicated to the Pontiac enthusiast"
Parts (commercial, not rated)
Ames Performance Engineering
  "Nation's Largest Supplier of Classic Pontiac Parts"
Performance Years Pontiac
  "Your source for classic Pontiac parts and accessories."
Non-Pontiac Sites (commercial, not rated)
Hemmings Motor News Events Index
  Search for shows, swap meets, auctions, conventions, rallies, car corrals, cruises, races, etc. by location (U.S. and worldwide), date, event type, or any combination. Every car show worth your while should be in here (if it isn't, the promoters goofed!).

NOTE: It is my goal to host links to all the best sites on the Web for fans of pre-1982 Pontiacs. If you operate or know of such a site missing from the list, please send an e-mail message and tell me about it.

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