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GOATFINDER GTO CLASSIFIEDS - America's Monthly GTO & Pontiac Classifieds!!
Hello! You'll enjoy our monthly GTO Classifieds, now our 11th year!

We average 500 ads/mo & have fully-featured (20) JUDGE CONVERTIBLEs & RA V-VII Tunnel-Ports, plus well over 400 GTOs & other hi-performance Pontiacs! We have a good rapport w/over (50) GTO Clubs, Web Masters, publications, and major vendors like STEVE AMES, TIM BENKO, GARY CAVE & YEAR ONE! We have six categories to choose from: With well over 200 GTOs & JUDGEs listed For Sale every month; Other Pontiac hi-performance Pontiacs For Sale; TONs of Parts For Sale/Wanted; Cars Wanted; Services & Literature For Sale/Wanted; Club listings; Show/event info/updates; Cool Web Sites; Speed Reading & Reader's Forum sections, and LOTS more - every month! Plus, you'll read about all the new & exciting parts & products available from the major vendors! Our many ads come from dedicated longtime readers, new subscribers, via FAX & e-mail, US Mail, and good-ole word-of-mouth, from around the globe. And as such we've EXCEEDED 150,000 in circulation!


Our 1/96 issue featured two show winning early GTOs: a '64 & a '65, plus a '69 RA IV non-JUDGE GTO in Canada!

Our 2/96 issue featured a '70 GTO; a White '69 JUDGE; and the astounding '63 421SD Catalinas!

Our 3/96 issue featured a gorgeous '65 GTO w/HURST wheels - the one the Police COULDN'T catch(!); a '64 GTO from IL; NASCAR G/Ps; and a '69 RA V 303ci T/A article reprint!

Our 4/96 issue featured BILL MARULIS' 30K-mi '70 JUDGE; a White '69 RA IV/4Sp GTO & '70 1/2 -'71 GT-37s!

Our 5/96 issue featured more on the 30K-mi '70 JUDGE; a Tennessee GTO Collection; a beautiful NJ '68 GTO Ragtop; and the rare '71 455HO HURST SSJ G/Ps!

Our 6/96 issue featured our 11th JUDGE CONVERTIBLE -this one an Orbit Orange '70 RA III/4Sp from PA; DENNIS MONCKTON's lightning-quick '68 455 Bird Ragtop; NASCAR Firebirds; and more on the '69 RA V TunnelPort TA we have posted on the InterNet!

Our 7/96 issue featured Australian RH-Drive GTOs, BILL HARBORT's new '70 JUDGE art print, and our 12th JUDGE Convertible feature - JOHN TORREANO's extraordinary 62K-mi Orbit Orange RA III/auto from Michigan!

Our 8/96 issue featured more on LANCE KRAMER's '69 RA V "Tunnel-Port" 400 T/A, which we have posted on the Web; a Canadian '64 GTO running 12s; an EXTRAORDINARY 3,394-mile '68 400HO/4Sp Endura-delete GTO (the '93 Nats "Best Original Class" Winner, and probably the LOWEST-MILEAGE GTO in existence!); BILL MARULIS' '71 JUDGE; and a '68 RA II RoundPort Firebird ad reprint!

Our 9/96 issue featured Herb Adams' "Gray Ghost" '64 Tempest record holder; STEVE AMES' BREATHTAKING 1-of-5 made '69 RA IV/4Sp JUDGE CONVERTIBLE; a 1-of-46 made '69 RA IV/4Sp T/A; plus, we announced the '70 GTO Convertible SWEEPSTAKES!

Our 10/96 issue featured a '70 455 GTO; and a '65 421 Bonneville National Concours show car!

Our 11/96 issue featured FOUR (4) separate JUDGE CONVERTIBLEs For Sale; a loaded Polar White '70 JUDGE; the '95 Nats "Best Of Show" '71 JUDGE; a 37K-mile '69 JUDGE; a Burgundy '65 GTO Conv; more on the '69 RA IV/4Sp TA; rare '70 VOE Vacuum-Operated-Exhaust) info (only 134 made, ALL "base-engine GTOs," NO RA IVs & NO JUDGEs) & more!

Our 12/96 issue featured a true Tri-Power/4Sp '65 GTO; a 19K-mile '74 455SD T/A - the ONLY one in the SD Registry w/a Factory vinyl top (once owned by one of Reagan's Secret Service agents!); and JOHN TORREANO's INCREDIBLE 7,747-mile '68 RA II "Round-Port" GTO Convertible - the ONLY documented one in the country!!!

Our 1/97 issue featured DAVE DEBONO's RA V "Tunnel-Port" '64 GTO from Canada running 10s; another '64 GTO from Canada - this one a 455 w/Fulper-prepped Edelbrock aluminum heads; BILL MARULIS' extraordinary Florida '71 455HO/4Sp TA; TROY WOTRING's "King of the Hill" '65 GTO Champ from the Tri-Power Nationals; and JOHN TORREANO's GTO Collection (the 7,747-mile '68 RA II GTO Conv, a 12K-mile '70 JUDGE, and the 62K-mi Orbit Orange RA III/auto '70 JUDGE CONVERTIBLE)!!!

Our 2/97 issue featured MARC UNSEN's '65 GTO Post Coupe - the ONLY known in Europe, this one in Luxembourg; another '70 JUDGE CONVERTIBLE - this one a Pepper Green version in a Wisconsin museum; and the EXTRAORDINARY NHRA Racing F-Bodies of LYNN & STACY McCARTY of Indiana, engine builder extraordinaire BILL FODER of Detroit, and the '96 NHRA Super Stock GT/FA World Champion "Hatari" Firebird of PETER BIONDO & PHIL MONTEITH!

Our 3/97 issue featured a pair of Red '71 GTO Ragtops, one a 1-of-43 made 455/auto & the other a 26K-mi 400 Ram Air/auto; an unusual Factory special-order "Daytona Yellow" '70 JUDGE; a '68 GTO in the Czech Republic; a 50K-mi '69 JUDGE; GARY GIBBS' EXTRAORDINARY '65 GTO National show car & info on JIM WANGER's new book!

Our 4/97 issue featured a 1-of-29 made '70 RA IV SD/auto T/A, and a National '65 GTO show car!

Our 5/97 issue featured more Australian RH-Drive GTOs; the KING OF SWEDEN's '66 GTO Ragtop; and the extraordinary legacy of the KNAFEL PONTIAC "Tin Indian" Racing Team - campaigning 42 cars across No. America from 1959-1971!!!

Our 6/97 issue featured CHUCK MILLER's Wild & Purple '69 Ragtop from IL; our 17th JUDGE CONVERTIBLE feature - this one a rust-free California '70 RA III/auto; and the '70 JUDGE "Tin Indian" which set three (3) World Records on the SAME day!

Our 7/97 issue featured an EXCLUSIVE on TIM BENKO's "Running Bear," the 1-of-3 made '63 421SD Tempest (the only 4Sp) that was delivered by the 'powers that be' (DeLorean & Knudsen) as the "GTO ProtoType," to KNAFEL PONTIAC in Feb/March, 1963. And also the "Black Whirlwind," the KNAFEL PONTIAC '62 389SD Catalina Convertible that WON the National C/SA Record. This car was NEVER BEATEN, and "Running Bear" WON the '63 NHRA A/FX World title!!! It was unearthed 4 years ago by Tim in Ohio.

Our 8/97 issue featured an unusual fully-documented '72 LeMans Sport Ragtop (400/4bbl/M-22 "Rock-Crusher" 4Sp/3.55 posi/Endura front), delivered NEW as a 'GTO Convertible' complete w/GTO grill emblem, 3 Black GTO decals on the rear seat, and NO holes drilled in either the quarters or trunk for the LeMans Sport script! This story is verified by the 'GTO GodFather,' JIM WANGERS! Plus a Seattle '70 RA III/4Sp JUDGE!

As you can see, we've been VERY busy since late 1989! Future projects include a pair of '69 JUDGE Convertibles, one from Canada & the other from WV, a Triple-Black 400/4Sp '71 Ragtop (1-of-79 made), and ANY Ram Air V "Tunnel-Ports" we can get our hands on!

2) SUBSCRIPTION RATES: (We accept all major credit cards)

$24/yr or $42/2 yrs (4th class); $56/yr or $99/2 yrs (1st class - arrives a week sooner); $36/yr or $66/2 yrs (CANADA); $99/yr (ALL FOREIGN). US FUNDS ONLY. We accept ALL major credit cards *VISA/MC/AMEX/DISCOVER*

For quickest service, FAX or e-mail your credit card authorization!

*FAX: (813)-393-4967 *E-MAIL:
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*BANDIT TA CLUB WEBSITE! Check it out for nice photos of '97 Lingenfelter-HURST T/As; '97 T/A Nats review, '74 T/A resto series & more.

*RICK MOKRIS' '66 GTO PAGE! Check out this Page for a step-by-step restoration on a California rust-free '66 GTO Hardtop! Future Page updates include a 20-question interactive GTO trivia quiz!


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$150/mo - Center Fold-Out (2 Pages)

5) WEB ADVERTISING: (a one-time fee)

$50 - We'll post your ad on OVER 30 automotive Web Sites - some lasting up to a YEAR! ***SUPERB results!!!***


To subscribe, you can either FAX or e-mail your credit card authorization in confidence, or you may send your check or postal money order to our address above. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for specific details, or if we can assist you further!

Have a GR-RRReat Day!

-John Allen

Conceptualized in 1989; Monthly since 1990; Online since 1995!


GTO = "Gran Tourismo OhMyGodItGoes!"

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