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If you're a liberal, but too closed-minded to investigate the right point of view, you can satiate your desire to skip all the sensible stuff and jump to the bottom of the page where, in all seriousness, you'll find a link you can actually enjoy.

But first, a special note to visiting fans of BartCop's "RL-LNW" site...
Contrary to your hero's inaccurate report (search for the word "review" to find it there)--and, even after reading this disclaimer, a second goof-up (search for "chance")--this site of mine is not affiliated with any of the links below.* Rather, it is nothing more than my own, personal page of links to some more- or less-political sites that I find interesting for one reason or another. If you don't like them, I welcome the opportunity to debate specific points with you; my open-mindedness will come as a surprise to some of you. But, if instead, you have an uncontrollable primal urge to send inflammatory mail, send it to BartCop (remember, he's the one who sent you here). Sending it my way will only serve to reinforce my opinion of BartCop, his fans, and Liberals in general.

*For those of you named BartCop, that means the stuff below is links to other sites; this is not the Coral Ridge Minstries site. Got it? (Since you failed to get it the first two times you visited,...)

By the way, if you're inclined to respond—as one of you already did—with "doesn't it say somewhere in the Bible, 'Judge not, least [sic] ye be judged'?," the answer is a resounding "Yes!" However, don't make the mistake of ignoring not only the latter two thirds of that verse, but also its context which—as context often does!—adds clarity to its meaning. See Matthew 7:1-2.

Coral Ridge Ministries Coral Ridge Ministries'
Center for Reclaiming America
Center for Reclaiming America

"Words are no longer enough. Not any more. Too much moral territory has already been lost. It is time to act. It is time for day-to-day action on the local grassroots level. ...

"This is a challenge we must meet — for the sake of our beloved country ... for the sake of our children and grandchildren, who will inherit the nation we leave behind ... and for the cause of Christ, which has suffered such oppression at the hands of the anti-God radicals over recent decades."

Alan Keyes

Alan Keyes Campaign

This man speaks the truth we all need to hear. Nobody talks family values the way Alan Keyes talks family values. You owe it to yourself to learn about this candidate, so visit this site and the Comprehensive Alan Keyes Homepage for a complete library of information about the former U.N. Ambassador.

Tax Foundation

Want the real truth about taxes? We've all heard the claim that the "rich" don't pay their fair share. Well, did you know that the top 1 percent of income earners pay over 30% of all the federal individual income taxes? For the straight scoop, head straight for the Tax Foundation! (In case you're wondering, they made less than 15% of all the income.)
Tax Foundation

Also visit the Citizens for an Alternative Tax System who, like me, favor replacing the current federal income tax with a National Retail Sales Tax. If you can come up with one reason why it won't work (I had one, but I solved that problem), let me know about it.

Right Side
The Heritage Foundation
Conservative Viewpoints

Since the country doesn't yet seem to be ready for Alan Keyes' message of truth, feel free to follow these links to
     The Right Side of the Web, and
     The Heritage Foundation.

Now, if you're still a liberal, you probably followed the link at the top of the page, skipping all that sensible material in between. Otherwise, you likely wouldn't have stayed around here any longer than it takes to watch your favorite Calvin Klein jeans commercial. You still might not last to the end of this paragraph. So, with that in mind, I put that "jump to the bottom" link at the top of this page. On the other hand, if you actually followed some of the conservative links above, I heartily commend you and your search for truth. In either case, before you leave, I must say I'm sincerely and totally mystified by your politics. Maybe you're "life-challenged." Maybe, once you truly open your eyes and your mind, you'll come to realize that you've been duped, taken in, and exploited by the Democrats due to your former naivete (if you don't have to look that up, there's some hope for you).

Now, feel free to head for home--it's the link you've been waiting for: the "Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore" page. It has something for every liberal:

and--in addition to those qualities made obvious by reading only its title--it's even searchable! The site is so-o-o effective at making the case against liberalism (although that's apparently not the intent), you might think it's a conservative plot. :-)

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