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They're Lifetime Fans, But They
Visit The Gas Pump Too Often

For many owners their '68 isn't the first Catalina and won't be the last Catalina they own, even though mileage is only one of several complaints

By BILL HARTFORD, Associate Auto Editor Photos by Irving Dolin
NCE A CATALINA OWNER, always a Catalina owner is not too far fetched a statement:
      "I have owned ten Catalinas—they have all given good service."—Minnesota salesman.
      "This is my fifth Catalina. It's a good dependable car. Never had any problems except tires and tune-ups on my other four."—Massachusetts heating and ventilation foreman.
      " fourth Pontiac; I stick with a good thing."—Wisconsin farmer.    NEXT >

"BEST ROAD CAR for the price," says a Minnesota owner who, nevertheless, criticizes protruding nose
JULY 1968
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