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    The engineering of the new models was an evolutionary development of past designs, the most important development being the new Turbo-Hydra-Matic, introduced by Cadillac the previous year and now available to other GM divisions. The 1965 models were also the first to have articulated windshield wipers (standard on all models except the Catalinas), automatic temperature control as an option and seat belts as standard equipment. The automatic temperature control was a completely automatic air conditioning and heating system controlled by thermostats. The driver simply set the desired temperature and the unit did the rest. No matter the climate, the unit would maintain that temperature by mixing hot or cool air as required.
    On the engine front, Pontiacs continued to offer all things to all people. A total of twenty-two engine and transmission combinations were listed.
    The model line-up was unchanged from the year before. The only event was the availability of cloth upholstery and a bench seat for the first time in the Grand Prix.
    Despite their newness, the Standard Pontiacs posted only a slight production gain over the previous year: about 3%. The Catalina series accounted for 271,058 units, the Star Chief for 31,315, the Bonneville for 134,020 and the Grand Prix for 57,881. Of the Catalinas, 11,519 were 2+2's. The total: 494,917.
    Above, 1965 Grand Prix Sports Coupe.
    Below, 1965 Bonneville Convertible.

PONTIAC: The Complete History 1926-1979 By Thomas E. Bonsall
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