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    The Tempest line was not significantly different for 1965. The big effort had been made the year before, and all that was done for 1965 was to dicker with a few details here and there.
    The frontal treatment was restyled with vertical head lights the main new feature. The grille was also deep-set in the standard Pontiac style on the Le Mans and GTO. Out back, the tail lights were similar to 1964, but wrapped around the edges of the fenders.
    The model line-up was expanded slightly, but in an important way, with the addition of the Le Mans sedan. This was an attempt to cater to the perceived market for smaller luxury sedans. The main feature of the car was the high grade interior which featured the same Preston cloth that had been used to upholster the 1964 Bonneville Brougham. As in the Brougham, even the doors of the Le Mans sedan were upholstered in cloth. It was a very impressive package, and accounted for a substantial part of the Le Mans series sales increase over the year before.
    Tempest production was up over 30% from 1964, finishing the model run at a record 307,083 - almost 2 1/2 times Tempest production in 1963. This was the second record run in a row for the Tempest and proved beyond any doubt that the decision to go to a larger, more conventional body had been a shrewd marketing move. The series breakdown was: Tempest, 39,525; Custom 84,653; Le Mans, 107,553; GTO, 75,352.
    Above, 1965 Tempest Custom Sports Coupe.
    Below, 1965 Tempest Custom Hardtop Coupe.

PONTIAC: The Complete History 1926-1979 By Thomas E. Bonsall
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