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That's why we began to look for a car with Mercedes virtues but for less money and upkeep. The Grand Am has common domestic faults, but the ride is true and precise, it doesn't float at highway speeds, it turns in a reasonable circle, it doesn't stick out yards beyond the axles, it fits into my garage, it carries five people at 70 mph, and you can carry on a normal conversation at that speed."
      The last word comes from a New Mexico property administrator who writes, "It is the best overall car I have ever purchased, due to its outstanding handling, roadability, comfort, safety, and roominess. I have been a GTO buyer for 10 years, but I am convinced that Pontiac has come up with a car that is a GTO-plus with all its features greatly improved at the same time. And it is one of the most looked-at cars I have ever owned, including the first 1964 GTO and a 1955 Buick Century (doozies in their day). The mildest reaction I get is 'TERRIFIC!'" * * *

SLOTTED GLOVEBOX DOOR lets conditioned air pass through, yet doesn't limit the size of compartment

TOO SMALL, say many owners, and quite a bit of valuable space is taken up by trunk-gobbling spare
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