Welcome to the 16th Annual
Blackhawk Chapter POCI Show-N-Shine!

October 1, 2000

  • Blue Bonneville convertible (Sorry, tight quarters!)
  • Durango Bronze Bonneville 4-door hardtop (mine; file photos)

Midsize & Compact



Photographs from the 16th Annual Blackhawk Chapter POCI B.O.P. Show-N-Shine in Davenport, Iowa, October 1, 2000. Not all cars in attendance were photographed.

All images and photos are Copyright © 2001 R.C. Rauch, Rich's PontiacServer.com (formerly pontiac.homepage.com). All Rights Reserved.

The annual show is hosted by the Blackhawk Chapter of Pontiac-Oakland Club International.

NOTE: If your car now appears above and you want your name and/or email address posted with the photo(s), please contact me. Owners' names will not appear without their express consent.

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