Imagine, for a moment, that you are in charge of designing an answer to the GTO. And that this has been your task since The Great One first rumbled into reality, sending shock waves through your offices.
     Each year you've sent your answer into the streets. And, each year, seen it change into something merely mediocre alongside GTO's Hurst shifter, bulging hood scoops and Wide-Track. And, this year, humiliated by an incredible new kind of bumper.
     And just when you're getting the hang of its extra-cost Ram Air (yours will surely out-GTO GTO next year), you find Pontiac has improved theirs. With a new high-lift cam, larger swirled exhaust valves, new freer breathing combustion chambers.
     When the Car of the Year is improved even before the year is over, can your car ever catch up?

The Great One by Pontiac

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