There's a live one under the hood.
(Have you priced a tiger lately?)

Purrs if you're nice. Snarls when you prod it. Trophy V-8, standard in Pontiac GTO. 389 cubic inches. 335 horsepower. 431 lb-ft of torque. Also standard: bucket seats, heavy-duty suspension, real walnut dash, Hurst floor shifter, dual exhausts, even special tires—redlines! (You don't build a GTO with options, you personalize it.) Want something wilder? Got it: 3-2bbl, 360 hp. Want something tamer? Got that, too—Pontiac Le Mans. Take our 140-hp six or order up the V-8 you like: 250 hp, 285 hp. Try something. Drive a "sporty" car. Then prowl around in a Wide-Track a while. You'll know who's a tiger.

Quick Wide-Track Tigers
Pontiac Le Mans & GTO

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from the back cover of Motor Trend
Special Issue, Car Of The Year: The 1965 Pontiacs
February 1965

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